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Hey, welcome to SurviveForLife! My name is Ray, I live in Southern California and have a beautiful wife and a hyper-active husky! I wanted to start this blog to share my personal experiences and the experiences of others in order to teach people how to be prepared for this uncertain world we now live in.

I am a former Navy SEAL and will take a lot of my stories from real world experiences. Being still in my twenties, I am always learning new things and improving on old skills. If there is something I can’t do, I will try and learn how to do it. I ask lots of questions, watch tons of Youtube videos, and read lots of blogs! Why? Because I don’t just trust one site or one person for the “right answer” and you shouldn’t either!

I will do my best to give accurate advice and avoid misinformation. I want this to be as much about sharing a wealth of knowledge as it is about me babbling on about which pocket knife to use for EDC (every day carry) or choosing the best route out of town.

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