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Bugout Time

Lets talk about safe havens and places to escape to if SHTF. I am very against staying where you are unless you already live in a place that doesn’t have any people living around you and here’s why:

If you are preparing for a disaster, you are the 1% of people prepared. That means, chances are all your neighbors aren’t. You know that feeling you get when it’s about time for your next meal and you start biting everyone’s heads off around you cause you’re cranky? Times that by 100 and suddenly it won’t just be mean words you’ll receive. People will join together like in ferguson and come after you. They don’t need to know each other to have a common goal… food. After they see you are much healthier and fitter then all the rest, you won’t have a chance. You and your 3 assault rifles wont stop a hundred people barging in. You need to be anonymous.

What is anonymity? It’s not telling people that you are a “prepper”. It’s not not not buying thousands and thousands of rounds of ammunition all at once. It’s maybe not even buying a property that can be tracked back to you. I even limit what I tell my family. Not that I wouldn’t invite them to stay with me if the time comes, but I don’t know who they will tell. People love to talk. Look at all the forums people go to and talk. Other people can track your information down and find you. We live in a digital world and if you aren’t on top of your security now, you are falling behind already. You can only trust yourself. Not gmail, yahoo, icloud, your friend, no one.

I take this very seriously. Look at how long it took the US Government to track down the most wanted man in the world. He got off the grid completely. Two year olds can download apps and navigate an iPhone like it’s nothing. There are others that can crack your password in minutes. I say all this because you should never become complacent and think that just this once you can send this email and think that hotmail cares about keeping your bugout cabin a secret.

Now that we got the most important part out of the way, let’s talk about location.

Quick note – What should you look for in the “perfect” get away place? Well, it will never be pertect (hence the quotations), but you can find a pretty good spot that will keep you and your loved ones safe for a while. I say a while because chances are other people will make it to a safe place as well and probably know where you are at some point. You will have to go hunting, maybe go into town for fuel, medicine, some unplanned, or unforeseen event. Who knows. Nothing is certain, but even if you escape Houston and are hiding in the hills, there’s a good chance 5-10% of the population made it out of the city and you will have to deal with other people. Even if you have a place set up already, humans are adaptive and some will survive the chaos of the city and even a small town and make it out.

I would much rather deal with a few hundred smart people scattered in the mountains, then a couple thousand dumb ones right down the street.

Here are a few important things to look for:

  • Water
  • Hidden (no one for miles)
  • Vegetation (can you grow a garden)
  • Difficult to access

Water – If there isn’t water, forget about it. You may be in the perfect most secluded place but you’ll die within a few days without water so cross it off the list.

Hidden – I’ve pretty much covered this, but if people can find you, they will steal your supplies. Trust no one.

Vegetation – You need a sustainable location. Your supplies will run out and its much safer if your food is right outside your door and not back in the city. Look for a place that gets sunlight, is level and has good soil. I’m not saying the whole place should be an open field, just where you plan to grow food.

Difficult to Access – This is very important to me and should be for you. You want to mitigate, as much as possible, the ability for someone to just wonder on into your camp.

It may take a little bit of time to find a suitable place but this is an important step to not take lightly

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