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Is the world more crazy or do we just see it now?

There is a lot of talk about Marshall Law and the fears of it coming to America and as much as this might sound controversial, I want to try and somewhat ease the worry for some.

There have been good governments that have gone bad and become tyrannical over and over again in history and the US government is no less susceptible to this than any other one. With that being said, there have been some pretty crazy actions by our government in the last ten years, but how different is it from all the other actions of our government in the past one hundred years? Im not saying we shouldn’t see the signs and prepare, I’m saying, in the past ten years, technology has allowed us to be more privy to what’s really going on inside our government and around the world. We hear about every earthquake, tornado, riot and all other atrocities that are occurring each and every day.

Ebola has been around since 1976 but people weren’t getting checked at the airport for ebola just until a couple years ago when the first case (that we know of) came to the US. It has probably been here before and the doctor just diagnosed the patient with the flu and they died. Im not trying to downplay Ebola or any other danger to society, but only to ease people’s worry about the world.

We are supposed to be the land of the free home of the brave! We need to think for ourselves and not be so quick to fear something the government is trying to make us afraid of. Fear is the number one reason people give up their freedoms. They don’t have enough faith that they can make it and decide to give up and let someone or something else control them. That is what I’m trying to stop from happening! Sure, the more freedom we have, the more risk we inherently have to live with. I would be willing to bet that if you asked anyone living during the reign of the Nazi’s or the Communist party in Russia if they felt any safer when the police (only following the law) came into their homes and took their family members, confiscated their land or livestock away because they were of a different race or they had “too many” cows!

I asked a friend of mine who is a police officer (I know… contradictory) at what point would he not enforce the “law”. He replied with, “what do you mean? That’s kinda my job”. I was a little taken aback by this, because at that moment I realized he thought all laws were good! This is were I attempted to convert him to my side of freedom and show him that most laws aren’t good, only hinder us from becoming successful and being free. I say this because if you are a police officer or a government agent, you live by a different set of rules and that is unacceptable. We are told differently but I have experienced it and thanks to technology, we can now see others are experiencing it as well.

Police have been mistreating our citizens in the name of the law for years, we are just now seeing it on the internet. Black people were mistreated for decades by the police before something was done about it. Change will never happen if we rely on those same people for food stamps and handouts. You have no rights when you are subject to their free giveaways. I once asked my dad why I had a curfew and he told me that as long as he was paying for my housing and food, I would have to listen to his rules. I moved out the next week. I wanted to be independent  but in order to do that, I had to take responsibility for my whole life not just the convenient parts. If you want the same thing, you have to get out from under the control of the government by getting a job, budgeting your finances and accepting the principle of delayed gratification. That means waiting to buy that new car until you can pay cash.

I will write more on the subject of ways to preserve your wealth in a time of uncertainty.

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