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Why Can’t I Bring a Gun into Mexico?!

Traveling to Mexico this past weekend I realized I wasn’t going to be as prepared as i’d liked to be. As I stared at my empty Osprey backpack I thought to myself, can I still be prepared? I can’t bring my handgun, or any gun for that matter. Do I really need to bring everything in the event something might happen? Some would argue yes, the rest of the sane would say no and that includes me. Here’s why:

  1. Travel should be enjoyable and if you can’t enjoy yourself, just stay home! If you’re worrying about whether the power is going to go out or that some local is going to try and rob you then you will never enjoy the mojitos while lying on white sandy beaches. *I will talk about foreign travel and how to stay alert and avoiding danger in another article.
  2. You can actually take ALL of your supplies with you, unless of course you rent a Uhaul which in that case I refer back to point #1 and just stay home.

This should not be a make or break situation for you though. Do you bring everything with you on your way to the grocery store across town? What if “THE END OF THE WORLD” happens and you can get back home and are forced to meet your family at their school and/or work? You adapt just like you would if you were in Germany or the Bahamas.

With all that being saying, there are things you should bring. Think about your bug-out bag and go from there. What you have in case of an emergency minus the restrictions you may have depending on the travel area. I was driving across the boarder so I couldn’t bring a firearm but If you’re flying, you can check a gun (see flight regulations and international laws (if outside the US)), which is fairly easy and painless. A handgun is compact and not very heavy (light is right).

I always pack at least one backpack because if I do need to “get out of dodge”, I have a quick and easy way to carry my essentials. A backpack is a MUST. What you put in it can very from person to person. Medication or feminine products are an “of course”, but what if you get stranded there for an extended period of time? Are you going to trust the local Kenyan hospital for the right prescription? Here’s how I was trained: “Two is one and one is none”. That means, if you are going to be there for 5 days, you should have the essentials for 10 days.

On the trip, I brought an emergency 3 liter reservoir in my backpack that I never drank (that would defeat the purpose of “emergency”), but I had it in case we broke down in the middle of wine country (no where) and needed fresh water that wasn’t going to make us sick. All in all the trip was a success and besides the downpour of rain half the time, nothing dangerous happened. The locals were friendly and the food was great!

Travel is fun and exciting, so keep doing it! Take steps to prepare yourself and you won’t have to worry about the occasional mishaps.

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I am the founder and author of Survive For Life. As a Former US Navy Seal I learned a ton of life saving information that will keep you alive and aware. I plan to share my knowledge with you here. I have a wife and a dog named Harper. Two of my favorite things to do are Rock Climbing and Snorkeling. Feel free to contact me for any reason.


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